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About us

Our mission is to be the best partner and the preferred partner for our customers, and offer appropriate solutions and high-quality aggregates to fulfil their needs.

Inter-Minerals is an independent, family-run business right to its core. We have been in the field of aggregates since 1952. While aggregates may be a niche market for some firms, they are our prime business and our passion.

We have been a thriving business right from the very beginning. What started with only 2 people has grown into a company with a team of 8 dedicated people who serve customers in over 25 countries, together with our longstanding logistics partners.

Our products are used by clients everywhere, from small countries such as Belgium to countries such as Saudi Arabia and South Korea. They are used in small and large applications and have been incorporated into some of the world’s largest buildings.

Extensive research on durability and aesthetic qualities

It is always a challenge to find inspiring aggregates that live up to our customers’ dreams.

We are constantly looking to launch new products which combine the best qualities and are aesthetically pleasing.

We visit various quarries each year and try to find aggregates that will really make a difference for our clients, and for you too.

Technical know-how by specialists

At Inter-Minerals, we fully understand all the decisions involved in creating, planning, producing and constructing. We facilitate this with our approach to stone selection and sampling. As experts in natural stone, we appreciate stone in all its forms, from the raw material to the finished product. We control the supply chain, right from the source. This enables us to tailor our services around customers’ needs and eliminates the guesswork from certain processes.

All our products are certified to meet the specified requirements.

Strategic & practical location

Our main storage and handling facility is located near to the Port of Antwerp and can be easily accessed by all kinds of vessels. It is also located right in the heart of the European inland waterway network and offers excellent options for barge transport.

Our facilities are centrally located in the important Antwerp-Brussels-Ghent triangle which provides access to one of the world’s most extensive road networks. This means that there are considerable options for road transport too.

CE marking – guaranteed quality

CE marking is a mandatory European certification mark that indicates conformity with the technical standards and requirements set by European regulations. CE marking allows products to be freely commercialised throughout the EU and has been mandatory since 1 April 2001. Before a product is permitted to carry the CE mark it needs to be checked and tested by an authorised organisation to ensure that it fully conforms to the requirements.

Sustainable development is a key focus point of our company. We make significant investments in continually improving our processes and machines, product innovation and social involvement, as well as protecting the environment.

From European quarries and free from child labour

Inter-Minerals will not tolerate the use of child labour or forced labour by any of its suppliers or contractors.

All of the raw materials we currently offer are sourced from European quarries.

Our team

Our team members are our greatest asset.

They are dedicated to doing their utmost to provide you with the best possible customer service at all times.
They are a lively bunch of happy and friendly people, who are always on hand and ready to help.

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Philippe Daniëls


+32 477 75 44 13

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Tom Van Kerkhoven

Sales back office / logistics

+32 476 58 79 17

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Nadine De Landtsheer

Sales back office / logistics

+32 472 45 64 69

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Sandra Van Noten


+32 3 886 53 90

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Kevin van der Pol

Stockyard foreman

+32 3 886 53 90

Walter Biertz

Sales director Germany

+49 17 14 62 92 02

Our partners

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