We promise short lead times

Huge stock

Our huge storage facility in Bornem (located on the Brussels–Scheldt Maritime Canal) has many dedicated bins with our best-selling products. Other bins are reserved for temporary projects.

Our activities also include bagging, blending, drying and sieving materials for your specific needs.

Located in the heart of Europe

We are strategically located in the heart of Europe, between Antwerp and Brussels along the Brussels–Scheldt Maritime Canal. We unload over 100,000 tons of high-value materials each year.

Our prestigious location opens up many logistical possibilities for shipping products across the entire world.

Connected to the Port of Antwerp

We are near to the Port of Antwerp, a major international port, which provides us with the necessary leverage for better serving our overseas customers.

Although the Port of Antwerp is strictly a sea port, it has all the benefits of an inland port due to its location.

The Port of Antwerp is Europe’s second largest port and an important transit port. Over 300 scheduled calls to more than 800 destinations provide rapid and reliable global connections. The Port of Antwerp handles 210 million tonnes of international maritime freight each year.

Antwerp is centrally located which gives customers vital links between the world's major maritime routes and Europe's huge production and consumption centres. 60% of European purchasing power can be found within a 500-kilometre radius of Antwerp. Compared to neighbouring ports, Antwerp is located the furthest inland (80 kilometres). This allows it to handle millions of tons of freight and makes it the fastest and most sustainable connection with mainland Europe.

We do everything to get our aggregates out to you as soon as possible