Our promise

For some people, aggregates are just pieces of rock. We see things differently.

For us, aggregates are an important factor in the realization of your inspiration. Aggregates have been known to keep architects and product designers awake late at night, eager to find the right colour or surface that perfectly fits their creations.

Our R&D and QC technicians search for the perfect balance between beauty and quality. So that you can build the most beautiful reality, ever.

That’s why it is easy to promise you these 3 things…

We go the extra mile

We are known for our customer-based approach.

If you are looking for something specific, we will help you find it. Even if that means searching for a unique quarry, setting up a temporary production unit or devising out-of-the-box logistical solutions.

We focus on maintaining the integrity of your inspiration. We do this by providing quality stone products that meet the needs of your vision.

We pride ourselves on having many customers who appreciate our support services. Our team is there when you need them. We will always do everything possible to help you solve your question or problem.

We look beyond the technical specifications

Sometimes the mandatory certificates are not enough. Sometimes quality is not just about technical properties.

What about the colour? The colour stability of aggregates within certain tolerances could be an essential part of your requirements. We work with carefully selected suppliers and manufacturers that are as passionate about aggregates as we are to ensure stability during your project. We also endeavour to find creative and workable solutions. We do this because it matters to you and what matters to you matters to us.

You may have specific technical questions for which we do not readily have answers.

We can work with accredited laboratories to test materials and provide you with all the answers you need.

We promise short lead times

Our large stock and reliable network of drivers and trucks mean your order can be swiftly dispatched to you from our central location.

Our strategic storage facility near to the Port of Antwerp guarantees that supply and disposal of granulates is easily accessible, be it by boat, container or truck.