We offer the finest quality

The search for the perfect stone

It’s all about aesthetics. We don’t just want a black stone, we want the blackest stone. Or a black stone with something extra.

We have been going on a “stone” hunt at least once a year, for many years. On these trips, we search for aggregates that technically and aesthetically meet our standards.

We visit lots of quarries to see the materials they have to offer. We look at the extracted raw material to check whether the colour is stable. We take samples home to test them. We also check whether the aesthetic qualities of these samples meet our customers’ request.

Tested and proven

We check aggregates for their shape characteristics, physical and mechanical properties, durability and for any harmful elements.

We carry out many tests on aggregates and look at aspects such as granulometric structure, shape index, fine material content (<80μm), apparent and absolute volume mass, water absorption, static pressure resistance, resistance to frost and thaw cycles, sensitivity to alkali-silica reaction and the presence of harmful substances and clay, organic matter and chlorides.

Your products deserve raw materials that meet the required standards.

Fit for purpose

Our products have been tested and comply with European Standards. This ensures that our products are safe to use and fit for purpose.

If you have any questions about these certificates or the technical specifications of our products, please contact our Technical Services Department by emailing info@interminerals.com or calling +3238865390.

Sustainable & child labour free

We pride ourselves on working towards a better world.

You can see this by the way we care for our staff and select our quarries for their sustainability and protection of nature. This is also reflected by our guarantee that all our aggregates are free from child labour and by how we invest in the latest machines. Above all, we guarantee that we do our utmost to work towards a better world.

Are you looking for the best quality and appearance?

Come and talk with us – we love to share our knowledge and experience. We will be pleased to start looking for the most suitable aggregate with you. We will discuss your needs and look for a tailored solution. Perhaps you can even join us in the hunt for your perfect stone.